Who needs to purchase an electronic vignette?

Electronic vignettes for the Czech Republic

The obligation to purchase an electronic vignette will apply to motor vehicles with at least four wheels, the permissible total weight of which is 3.5 tons. Trailers and motorbikes are not subject to this obligation. From 01/01/2021, the list of vehicles subject to exemption will be extended.

Electronic vignettes for Hungary

Frequently asked questions, answers Vignettes for Hungary
The information below provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about toll road vignettes. If you have any further questions, find the answers here; However, if you do not find any information on the desired topic, please contact the Customer Service Office.

How much in advance do you have to buy vignettes?
When should I buy a vignette? You should always buy a vignette before starting your trip, it is worth thinking about it well in advance. Purchasing a vignette after starting your journey to the motorway does not have retroactive effect and does not make journeys completed before its purchase legal and require a separate additional fee. Every highway is monitored by cameras.

When is it profitable to buy an annual vignette?
The annual vignette allows you to use all roads until January 31. If the cost of individual district or other vignettes exceeds the cost of purchasing an annual vignette during the year, it is worth purchasing an annual vignette. This way, you no longer have to think about the vignette, look for alternative ways to travel, or give up something because you do not have a valid vignette. This is comfort that reimburses any costs.

How can I purchase a vignette?
On the website, you fill in all the necessary fields, select the appropriate vignette, enter your vehicle data and complete the next steps. The vignette will become active automatically when the purchase and payment process is completed.

How can I pay?
You can pay for vignettes from our website by card, PayPal, transfer or Blik.

Card payment
You can pay for your vignette within a few minutes using your payment card. Payment is made via the settlement agent's website. The system accepts all types of payment cards. After a successful payment process, the vignette becomes active immediately. All card details entered on the settlement agent's website are visible and processed only by the bank.

What do I have to do after purchasing the vignette?
After successfully purchasing the vignette, you will receive an e-mail containing all information about the vignette. Please check them. Please remember that the mere fact of making a payment does not make the paid vignette valid. The validity of the vignette is confirmed by the appropriate document. You can order confirmation of your vignette purchase by sending an SMS to the phone number provided in the order.

How will I receive a receipt for the vignette purchase?
When purchasing a vignette, please indicate whether you need an invoice and provide the appropriate data. The account is located in the customer panel, to which we log in using our e-mail address.

Is it possible to refuse or remove a vignette that has already been paid?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to modify, return or delete a vignette that has already been paid, so please consider your purchases carefully. If you have accidentally provided incorrect information, please contact customer service to make the appropriate changes.

Can I check whether the registration number provided has a valid registration?
We can only check license plate information based on vignettes purchased on our website. Information regarding plates and registration numbers on vignettes not purchased from us is not available to us.